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A New Mod : Acrobatics


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I'd like to have a mod that would fasten the acrobatics animations (they would be played faster).

Each bonus is cumulative (meaning at level 2you roll, switch and climb faster)


At level 0 you switch weapons faster

At level 1 you roll faster

At level 2 you climb faster

At level 3 you jump faster (not higher)

At level 4 you climb wall for a longer distance

At level 5 you jump a little higher

At level 6 you slide a little faster



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Because there already are sprint speed mod called Rush.

-__- I know. But when you sprint, your warframe take 1 sec to get to full speed.

My addition would be to the "acrobatic" mod I propose : instead of 0,5 sec to get from "start sprinting" to "sprinting" you would be running in 0.2 sec. In some fights it can be crucial to have a warframe that reacts very very fast.

I don't ask for a better sprinting speed.

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