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Weapon Overview: Furax Fists. FISTICUFFS!


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Oh hai,

This one is going to be about the Furax Fists. It is a melee sword that performs like the Skana, but when charged up, deals tremendous amounts of damage. If someone has input/feedback or a question, post it right up. :)






The Furax Fists can only acquired from the market for 125 Platinum or 35,000 Credits.


  • The Furax Fists have short range, but high armour penetration. Their charge attacks deal high damage.
  • It is best suited against armoured or at least unshielded targets.
    • Better Against: Grineer, Corpus Crewmen.
    • Worse Against: Ancients, Shielded MOAs.

    [*]Charge Attack deals higher amounts of damage than other melee weapons. Also staggers Ancients.

    [*]Groundslam Attack has probably the largest AoE effect of any melee weapon. One-shots reactors.

    [*]They are also awesome because they can punch windows out.


N/A - this weapon cannot be crafted.

Action Video:

Furax Fists from Warframe™ (CBT) by Digital Extremes.


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You should add this in as well OP, their charged attack is actually useful against ancients as it makes them stumble back, usually the stumble is long enough for another charge to restumble them.

Done, thanks for the additional input!

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