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Gameplay bug: "steping" on enemies and melee weapon hitbox


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Don't know if this is relevant to anything besides swords, since I havent used anything other than that.

Sometimes if you get too close to an enemy you kind of step on him and continue walking, as if there was no colision. its like walking through them (which also happens sometimes btw) except you clearly see you rise up above them and step on them.

This wouldn't be a problem, space ninja's and that, probably step on whatever they like when they feel like it. but the melee weapon hitbox is too small and this is getting anoying.

First of all, the melee weapon hitbox doesnt cover even one polygon of yourself, so if your passing through an enemy or above him you cant hit him... ever....

Second, even if your above him but hess lightly in front of you, them elee weapon hitbox almost never goes downward (except with certain "combo moves" like every 3rd attack is a downward slash) and even those barley hit enemies below you.

The same applies to enemies below you on stairs or the crawling infested.

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