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Making the community seem like a community.


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One importance I feel that every online game should have is the need to be or being able to be recognized. When first joining a a game,especially one that's in beta, don't you tell yourself "This game is awesome! I'm going to be the best players" or anything in those lines? I don't know about you but I would like to be the "cool one" within the community. If you think about it, why do you try to farm the rarest blueprints or spend your money on limited edition items? Why would you try to create the biggest and baddest clan? Just so you can easily wipe a map with your four clan mates? I think we all can agree we want more than that.

After obtaining and max leveling equips, I didn't gain any new friends or any form of recognition (Maybe It's just I'm not cool enough yet ;~;) but a sense of cockiness and arrogance when I joined matches with others. I don't know if it's just me but I felt very independent and I just used others so I can either kill the boss easier or clear the map faster. It also felt like I was racing against my own teammates rather than working with them. I don't think this is how online gaming should be.

I know there's a top players tab and you can see players with the most kills but the thing is, even when I first joined, that top ranked player didn't give me a single inspiration to be "just like them". I didn't know a single thing about him or even know what class he played so I was not able able to copy anything from him so that I can also be a good player. I feel that we are missing an important aspect of excitement and curiosity for new comers.

I don't have any mind blowing ideas for gaining recognition but I know that I'm a PVP cat, and PVP is where I first look when it comes to being known in the community. Adding some sort of "competition", like PVP, where people can come together and show off what they have with their equips and unique skills. Or even an open world system, like a specific planet, where people can simply talk and meet and also show off their hard earned equips. One thing I also noticed is that the player doesn't get the recognition but more of the class and items itself, if there could be a distinct way to tell skills between professional players and just a person with just good items.

To summarize, I would like the wonderful community to be more IN the game not so much relying on forums to meet one another.

Maybe I just haven't integrated myself in the community enough or I haven't played enough and again, it could just be me but how do you feel about this? What do you think they could add to make the community come together as a whole and not just a bunch of independent players?

(Mind my bad form of words, I have a problem when it comes to assertiveness)

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I think you explained your problem in your post, my friend.

Your a PVP'er, playing a PvE/Co-op game.

It's like trying to mix Water and Oil... by puting them in glasses on the same table and staring angerly at them... for a long period of time.

This might just not be the game your looking for, although the Chat system in meny people opinion needs to be reworked, and lobbies included.

I would also like to point out that your looking down on other people that haven't played as long as you have and your target goal is "to be better" then those around you, which, does not lend it self well to Co-Op gameplay.

Your also concerned with proving who is skilled vs. those with good gear. You don't get good gear without good skills in this game.

That all being said, I agree with your point. I would like to be able to feel more involded in the community activly in game.. although there are monsters that come along with that too...

"Buttsecks" ... I think sums it up.

:D Stay Frosty out there Tennos!

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I am a full supporter of PVPing but I also don't mind PVE. If know the game Vindictus, I also enjoyed that game a whole lot. I just mention those ideas because I want there to be a sense of "uniqueness" with each player. It would be a boring community if everything just seemed the same.

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