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Nintendo 64 Memory Card Save File Corruptions


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This certainly is quite a random thread, but google gives me the middle finger as i couldnt find what i was looking for.

Anyways, a very long time ago, back when Nintendo 64 was still the current gen console, i was playing Turok 2 alot, and i mean alot.


As for many games, it requires a memory card (i think it needed 80 memory in the card).

Normaly, you can pack the memory card with all kidns of stuff in it, but here was the problem.

If there was another save file alongside with Turok 2's, doesnt mather wich one, but if the save file is not alone in

the card, the save file will get corrupted. If it is alone however, it is always fine.


I dont know if its because i used 3rd party memory packs back then, or this was a common problem with Turok 2 and other games that needed memory cards.


Obviously, if you reached very far into the game and this happens, well, you know kids, they aint got happy about it.


Did anyone experience the same thing with the save file? or maybe similar to another n64 game?

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