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Hello Warframe!


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Hey everyone!

I hope I'm not to late to introduce myself!


I'm Zmone (here on Warframe)

I played since the Beta adn if I remember correctly I was the one asking for a clan system in the really early stages of the game and I really like the out come of it.


I hope you guys ready too take me in on this forum :D


More about me.

Let's start with one thing, I hate to type :P

I love to meet new people and I gladly talk with them on TS3, RC or Skype!

I been working online with games since a few years back (mostly with World of Warcraft & Tera)

Been admin on a few WoW servers such as PandaWoW and xMolten (idk if I'm allowed to say the names of them adn if the admins on this forum will accept it, if not pls tell me and I will remove the names!)

Well I play warframe aswell hahah, SUPRISE! xD

I also from time to time stream it and so on :D


but anyways I hope you guys welcome me to the forums! :D

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