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Affinitty Reset Resulting In 0 Affinnity Gained Before And After Revive?


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I dont know wich category this belongs to so i have put it here.


Was in a mission ODD i died and then i failed to hit revive on the first try it went to the 2nd screen,  that's when things got messed up.


I revived through that 2nd screen but evrything was reset to rank 0 on my warframe ... not on my helios , jsut on my warframe.


After the mission it clearly shows it didn't get reset but i didnt get the affinity i should have gotten either.



The video is uploading and will be posted shortly



http://plays.tv/video/55b10d24ebbdc640d2  the video



Also i lost all ym gerar hotkeys for that mission but they didnt get reset

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This is similar to what happened to me earlier.
In a mission me and all my team mates were reverted back to rank 0, lost all our abilities, and didn't have access to our equipped gear.

Clearly theres an unaddressed bug here.

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