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Persistent Random Crashes


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I'm having constant random crashes.


The last months I have constant crashes because of the old/default corpus ship tile sets.

I have pin pointed those problems to one the rooms breakable windows, every time they break the game freezes and crashes.


Tonight it is crashing randomly for no good reason all the time.

At ceres right at the beginning of the match.

In eris during an alert.

Right after the login confirmation.


Warframe crashes were never healthy to begin with, since I play this game , 2 years, I was never ever able to ctrl-alt-del the game by shunting down the engine process after a crash, since it never properly changes the windows in a way I can see the task manager.

Sometimes I am able to alt-f4 shut the game if it crashes and freezes.

But most of the times it just crashes and freezes my entire computer, forcing me to forcibly shut it down manually.


Now I'm not even sure I'll try to play no more, since if this keeps happening I'm afraid I'll just brake my pc because of so many forced shut downs.




I sent support ticket.

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