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An Idea To Permanantly Fix Slash Dash's Wonky Targetting


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Since we all know how wonky Slash Dash's targetting is let's change it's LoS based targetting to Awareness based targetting.


This would:


a) Fix it's general wonky targetting.


b) Would give us a reason to use the melee button since the Awareness system may get you stuck trying to Dash through a wall (however I've seen that if Slash Dash is unable to reach a target it will either automatically end or try and strike a different target)


P.S: I'm sure I should place this here, so sorry mods D:

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I personally just dislike the whole autotargeting. It's horrid in PvP, it's slow, easily avoidable, and locks you in place for a few seconds, compare to other abilities that does the same thing of softening enemies but with a faster, ranged projectiles that most have additional effects like procs, it's piss weak. Even worse when playing on a higher ping game, where by the time you approached the guy with Slash Dash, the actual slash would've missed because the guy already moved away from the melee range of the blade in host's time, and the dash itself doesn't do damage. Even compared to Rhino Charge, which is Slash Dash's closest counterpart, it's worse.


And in PvE, it's like a thrift shop level of discount Blade Storm. Jumping between targets is as smooth as a brick rolling down the stair and the damage is so weak in the later levels, it's equivalent to running around tickling enemies with a feather and standing in the middle of the group waiting to get shot, because by the time you finished tickling the enemies, their attention will be solely on you. I might as well be shooting.


It might've been designed to work in conjunction with Exalted Blade, but when the melee attack on Exalted Blade is sufficient and less risky, what's the point of using it unless you want to waste 25 energy, or its efficiency equivalent?


At the moment, it's pretty much used for only mobility, so they could've kept the old Slash Dash and nothing would've change, except for vertical movement. It was smooth, fast and predictable in use. It had a fixed ability duration, however long the dash was. But now, it depends on how many enemies are within the cone, and that changes from time to time.

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