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Glaive Prime Becomes Unusable


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Glaive Prime becomes unusable.  Animation for it glitches and stays in extended form.  Can no longer quick melee or charge throw.  Switching between weapons did allow me to switch to the glaive, which would reset the animation for it but it would still remain unusable for the rest of the mission. 


I don't know what triggers this or if it's specific to Glaive Prime rather than all throwable weapons.  This is the third time it's happened to me, all three times in 40 minute survivals.  Anyone got this bug's cause nailed down or the means to reset it in mission?



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I have no solution but I can confirm it - sadly I did not find any action that would make the glaive work again during a mission once it is broken ( I think I didnt try to jump off the map boundaries yet - since it resets certain states it might be worth a try ).

It happened a lot to me while having the Simaris scanner equipped to hunt scanner targets using Glaive to be able to kill at the same time.

Trying to recall what happened during those missions I can think of those possible causes / bugs

a) The thrown glaive never returned

b) Switching weapons at a certain time ( possibly before a thrown glaive returned )

Just guesses though.


Edit : Bug has possibly been fixed : https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/509640-update-1710/

Fixed the Glaive not properly returning, preventing players from throwing the weapon again.
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