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Getting Spawned In Unsafe Areas... Call For Change.


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I think this will be something even U17 isn't going to change - but I'd like to see addressed. When you spawn into an ongoing game - right in the middle of a mob of enemies,. You cannot move for a few seconds, and they get "free hits and shots" against you as your frame is preparing to be ready (finishing the spawn).. Your just stuck there getting beat to revive state sometimes.


A better idea is to have a dedicated spawn-in spot on every mission. For Defense and Interception (closed area) missions there can be one specific spot that incoming players can spawn in. This area can actually be a device, instead of spawning in thin air. The player will be protected in the device and will emerge fully ready to play.


For spawning into missions where you have to move about, like Capture, Extermination, Spy, Deception, etc. The player will "drop in", from a pod, and again will not emerge until the spawn process is complete He will be dropped in near the front most player (currently you get dropped in by or sometimes way behind the rear most player) so that player is not alone, trying to catch up, and being outside of the game. Missions like Mobile defense will spawn players is designated safe areas near the defense item if it has been activated, if going between they will be dropped in via pod (so it is a mixed type of spawn depending on conditions) near the fron most player.


To address the question - "Well even if they emerge from a pod the enemies can stiill mob on them, so how does this address that?" Well the stationary pod will have protected space around it where the enemies will be repelled - only until shortly after the spawn-in process. The drop-in spawn will hit the ground with a blast area, killing enemies in a small radius (similar to Nova's antimatter drop) and repel enemies for a short time as well, giving a player brathing room to emerge and get situated in the ongoing mission.


Let me know what you think!

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