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Reflex Guard Nerf (Parrying System Change Outcome)


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Used megathread format.

Who: N/A
What: Reflex Guard MOD
Where: N/A

In depth description:
Reflex Guard doesn't protect from all the damage dealt to the player.

Can you reproduce the bug: Outcome of the parrying system change. Happens always.

Reproduction steps: Trigger mod effect.

IMO Reflex Guard should be buffed to protect from all the damage since it interrupts all the things you were doing so far.
It's not really worth to run the mod if it doesn't let you to do anything else than blocking and especially doesn't protect you from all the damage (considering the mod even gets you stuck in swinging animation).

There is also a bug that Reflex Guard doesn't show your melee weapon blocking instead you don't have anything in your hands.

Here's a picture with both bugs shown:


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Yes please now Reflex Guard is the only mod that reduced completely your combat efficiency, without granting any reward ples fix. 


And no parrying while not in melee mod is not even a good mention for a rare 10 rank mod ples change.


I would like to suggest autoparry with "ghost/energy-2 hands that does not interrupt animations, not in melee not in ranged combat

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Also Reflex is not working at all, it should reflex the 96% of the damage you receive but it reflect nothing,also there's a mod called Guard or Block, Im not sure how its called in english, the mod should reflect all the damage (or more than 98%) you received if you are using Reflex and Reflex Guard with it but it's blocking nothing so its kinda useless to have those mods equiped.

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