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Dojo Clan Hall Sizes, Please Allow Us To Choose Which One We Start With.


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So all of our clan members build keys and rushed them because we were so excited to see the clan content. We load in and we are plopped into a giant hall with two doors and nothing to do. This bothers us quite a bit. Its a giant space we don't like and don't need. We looked at all the different stuff we could build and found even bigger halls. What we want is a small cosy clan hall for a small clan. Same stats, but smaller and more appealing to the eye than all that empty space. Sure bigger clans can use it to mingle and stuff, but without the need to accomodate even 10+ people at a time we desperately want a smaller space. Please I politely emplore you to allow us to select an initial clan hall size ranging from small => medium => large based on the number of members present in the clan.

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