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Warframe Skills - Combined!


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I was just blinding no one when the Volt next to me used his "Electric Shield" Skill. Looking at this blue shimmering wall i remembered that shooting through it adds electro to attacks (at least i think i read it does). Looking back at my skill i saw "Slash Dash" and tough. "Wouldn't it be cool if my skill and his skill would add an effect to each other?" and now I'm here To suggest just that.

Why not have certain skills have effects on each other. For Example ember sets down a "World on Fire" Skill and someone charges though it add a short duration fire aura to him. Or if Rhino "Radial Blast" or "Rhino Stomps" in it make it a fireexposion in a smaller radius or dos just a bit more damage to the regular Blast.

Another example would be the mentioned Volt and Excalibur (of course every other charge skill like "Rhino Charge" would also fit in here) combination instead of just more damage while charging through it lightnings would spread around him and do damage to enemies the charge couldn't affect before.

That could give some nice team-play to the game and add to the visual effect overkill ("Rhino Stomp" and "World on Fire" make little Volcano like explosion go up in the vicinity :D).

Of course that's a thing that can't be implement fast and I'm sure its a lot of work. But now after writing this im even more sure that it would add a lot to the the game and which Excalibur wouldn't want to really "spark".

So now lets hear what the community says and suggests on this idea. Feel free to flame me in the ground about adding even more visual effects to the game, I'm sure most wouldn't be visible anyway when u stand in "World on Fire"! :D


Sorry for any misspellings and grammar stuff English isn't my native language.

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One already present example is when a Mag uses Bullet Attractor on boss and Excalibur uses Radial Javelin, then all the javelins will go for the boss if the Ex is in the Bullet Attractor orb. I would love for there to be more options though.

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Stomping on ants is more fun if you have a buddy to do it with.

True. Sadly this doesnt tell a damn thing about the game.

Throwing around sticks and stones is more fun if you have a friend to do it with.

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Some form of synergy or roles would be welcome.

The game has nothing to offer in terms of team play. NOTHING.


Er, Vauban and Loki would disagree... Decoy + Vortex combo.


You also gain way more affinity when in a group of 4 as opposed to just solo.

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