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De, Let's Talk About Time...


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bruh it took me 4 hours to finsih up the natah quest get equinox and set my eggs to hatch only because im rushing, try planning ahead next time :P

And then it ended up costing more than had you just shelled out plat for it. GG.


I can get why they made equinox take twice the parts but I still think it is a bad idea.

I mean come on, at least let us play on ONE version of it until the rest of it is built!



And the exilus slots, oh the exilus slots.

You took what the community asked for and then turned it into an unenjoyable grindfest that takes more effort than it is worth.

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Exilus slots aren't close to as effective as a standard slot. It's an endgame feature designed for people who have everything they need and are just looking for little bits to improve their game experience for the time they've put into the game. I don't see its issue. It's cool for people who can afford to grind or pay for it. For those who can't...does it really matter? Exilus slots aren't the end of the world. If it was a complete ninth slot to put anything in it would be gamebreaking, but an exilus slot isn't.

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