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Submersible Type Like This? Missions Idea


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What do you thing to create a Mission only Underwater. You can equip and unequip your archwing underwater.

I don't mean play archwing on normally Mission,but only underwater, no get out the water and unequip my wing, we stay only Underwater with archwing and out.


I like the underwater Design and play archwing underwater and in this bug it looks well, if we got a chance to play our normally Warframe and Archwing both in a Mission like this, we got a nice diversity type of Mission for Warframe or not?




You see 2:20 i can walk and attack underwater, what i need was some enemies and a archwing to change how i want:D

I hope we get in the future a Raid Mission underwater to beat this shark 1:22 :D


What do you think to create a Underwater mode with this combi?



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