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Headshot Statuses


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Hi everyone. So, I'm not very active on these forums, but I keep coming up with things, and I felt the need to share this one.

I was thinking about how we can shoot all of these things we're fighting as much as we want, yet, on higher levels, they can just keep coming at you, even after being shot in the head repeatedly. So, why not add something a bit more for when you place a shot that has supposedly punctured the enemy's helmet? Therefore, I thought of these:


Slash: Mortal wound - Deals double the usual bleed damage and does not expire.

Puncture: Skull fracture - In addition to normal puncture, all headshots from then on (including the shot that caused the proc) to deal finisher damage.

Impact: Concussion - Target is staggered and loses all types of awareness for a few seconds, making it legible for stealth damage.


Heat: Melting point - In addition to normal fire, reduces armour for a duration 2x that of the DoT, as armour melts, then slowly reforms.

Cold: Brain freeze - Target clasps head in pain for a few seconds, dropping their weapon in the process. Open for finishers for duration.

Electrical: Static cling - Causes the target to shock other nearby enemies, essentially turning it into an arc trap.

Toxin: ---


Blast: ---

Radiation: Madness - After a few seconds, target will attempt to attack everything around it, forgoing everything else. Including reloading. May cause anger towards storage crates.

Gas: Choke - Target will keel over, clasping at their throat, exuding gas which deals gas damage to all enemies around it for the duration. Applying heat damage may cause violent reactions.

Magnetic: Overcharge - Instantly depletes shields and permanently prevents their recharging.

Viral: Plague - Deals normal viral proc to enemies in a radius.

Corrosive: Lasting corrosion - In addition to the preliminary armour reduction, armour will continue to be reduced for duration. Also increases the value of the headshot multiplier.


I haven't been able to come up with something for blast or toxin yet, so if you have something that you think will fit (that doesn't include instant death), feel free to post it.


Of course, due to how powerful these could get, they wouldn't have any effect on bosses or warframes. It would be a bit ridiculous to have a boss instantly lose all of their shields permanently.


Lastly, these could prove a potent buff for snipers that people keep calling for, as they have a consistently high status chance (besides the Snipetron, which doesn't count).



Please let me know what you think.

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