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Display Driver Crashing On Windows 10, Game Visuals Freezing.




I've been playing for a couple days now on Windows 10. I got the free upgrade, did a full system reset, and I'm using the standalone version of the game. My card is an Intel HD Graphics card 4600 because I can't use the expensive Nvidia one I bought, because Dell doesn't understand PCI Express slots. Now, onto the problem.

Often, the game will crash my display drivers. This isn't usually a problem. For my laptop, which runs Windows 7 and is much less powerful, the game will blackscreen a moment and then come back. And even the occasional times when I would have it crash before, this happened with my desktop. No longer the case. Now I can control the game and hear the sound but the display completely freezes. It never comes back. I let it sit for thirty minutes, it doesn't come back.

I'm about to try rolling back to an earlier driver, after attempting to run the game in compatibility mode. I just want to know if anybody else is having this problem because this is a major frustration for me. 

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Not sure if this will but I had major issues with my Nvidia card when I installed Windows 10.


I had to first turn off auto updates in Windows 10 and then I downloaded a tool from the 3DGuru website which erased all previous drivers

and then I went to the Nvidia website and download the latest Win10 Drivers for my card and have had no further issues.

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