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Easy Quick Rebalance Of The Balance Frame (Equinox)


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1.) Metamorphosis:  This ability is much too short lived at max rank and even slightly positive power duration (+10%), this ability is so short lived and takes so long (going from day to night and then waiting to be able to use mend, ect.) that it isn't even worth using FOR the buffs which decay much too quickly to be substantial outside of very specific moments.

Requested fix?: Either double the base duration, or remove decay and just make the buffs apart of the frame themselves in order to differentiate the frames and make the experience between them more unique other then just the ability kit because after the duration of metamorphosis plays out you are back to a base frame and just its kit.




2.) Rest/Rage:  Very effective abilitys, if you hit anything. the base range or even positive range (+45%), the range is short to where even if you are in a hallway you stand a huge chance of missing a few enemies just a few steps behind it. 

Requested fix?: Double the base range, or at least add 2/3 onto it so in a tight hallway you can hold down a choke-point without jamming on the 2 button and wasting energy.





3.) Pacify/Provoke:  These abilitys are awesome!  however, their range is so short that your allys need to hug you and in the middle of combat outside of defense/mobile defense good luck in keeping your friends close or your enemies close enough to be properly effected even with positive range (+45%) and (I believe this is a bug) but for Pacify your energy gets drained as if you were just dumping a bottle of water into sand on the hottest day of the year.

Requested Fix?:  Pacify needs it's base range, like rest/rage doubled or if not about 2/3 more range added to its base.  The ability is awesome, but you cannot help your allys unless you are melee'ing enemies.





4.) Mend/Maim:  Maim is a awesome, useful skill for either damage or CC.  However, in contrast... Mend is absolutely horrible, too situational, too clunky, to slow and if you guess wrong you are just hemorrhaging energy for no reason at all.  People need to be able to predict that their friends are going to need heals, and you need to count on hitting and killing enemies in quick enough succession for the heals to really count. 

Requested fix: Mend needs a completely new paintjob, so to speak, and here are a bit of ideas but all in all if we are just shooting for simplicity... please reduce the energy drain, it's crazy even with 70% energy efficiency.


1.) give it a unique feature where your allys can stay close to you (reduce the range further, at least for applied heals) and allow the person playing equinox and team-members nearby to gain heals over time slowly by taking out of the pool.


2.) somehow allow the stack to stay when you switch back/forth between day and night so you can actually save someone however the energy drain probably be a one time thing to help facilitate this and should go until attempting to use the skill.






Again, I love Equinox... but I think the balance frame is slightly TOO balanced.  I don't mean between the parts (day and night) but I mean mostly just that I believe the developers wanted to make sure she wasn't overpowered and she just feels chained down.




Granted, with all this said I CAN solo 40m T4S with her... so I AM happy with the frame, but these are just a few pet-peeves... road-bumps that get to me while playing her.

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I only use her 1st skill to change between forms tbh, the buff's just an extra frosting to the cake.

I agree, a range buff would be nice or maybe make it so you can cast it while reloading.

Pacify's energy drain increases with every enemy in it's range, so no surprise there.

Thought DE intentionally made it so you can heal defense objectives w/ Mend which made it awesome, but I guess it was too good to be true. Maybe make it so you can charge overshields with it (augment idea).

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