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Reckoning Augment Capable Of Infinite Damage & Infinite Stun Lock [Overpowered Bug]


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I honestly don't want to post this, but I posted about Oberon's old SmiteSkate glitch for nearly a year before it was actually rectified. 


So, here's the deal.


Oberon's Reckoning augment triggers regardless of an enemy's death. It just activates no matter what, despite its mod card stating it should only happen upon a kill. 


Screen shot proof, even though it's kind of a S#&$ty picture that I just grabbed as soon as I saw it actually worked.




That's seven instances of the augment's fire pool ticing down at the same time, simply by casting Reckoning over and over. Enemies cannot move out of the pools from being forcibly slammed into the ground repeatedly, which will create another pool every single cast, and they stack seemingly without limitation.


All of those damage tics are coming from a single enemy, which you can see on the radar. It's actually an osprey from Cephy Suda-Chan (desu), which I would like to point out since people love to profess otherwise that these fire pools are not based on the ground and can, and do exist in the air, and damage aerial enemies


In short, you throw down a pancake to forcibly restore some energy and spam Reckoning a few times. Ospreys SHOULD just be able to move away, as they are not prone to ragdolls or blast procs causing them to fly around. However, this one happily stayed put and melted apart under the incessant flame engulfing him.


Now, imagine what would happen here if a Vauban Vortex was involved, and about 15 instances of that were going on at the same time. My power strength isn't even maxed. A rank 8 Trans Fort and a max Intensify. That's it. Were I under Roar, were the enemies M.primed, Equinox's power strength buff... anything really, that number is only going to go up.


Basic maths:


200~ dmg x10/sec = 2000 dmg per second, per enemy.


Ten enemies in a vortex would create a roughly 15 second pool, with my current (flawed) set up, equating to 20,000 damage PER SECOND. And that's just if you used ten pools per, for the sake of a basic argument. There is no limit to how many you can use. This is just a basic presentation.


Loki, Vaubs, and Broberon possibly ALSO using Smite Infusion, can easily create one of the most brutal hallway hero slaughter houses conceivable.


I am only posting this because I truly believe Oberon is good enough without glitches. That said, this is INCREDIBLY FUN, and I advise you take advantage of it and abuse the hell out of this glitch before it gets patched.



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You can do this stuff with any ult as long as you have energy restorers as well... i tried this with infested and they don't get stuned. They do generate the pool though.


I don't think its OP. Saryn and mag ult can do similar stuff and more damage more quickly.

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What are you talking about "doesn't stun infested?"


NOTHING will stun infested if there are a bunch of Ancients strutting around. Oberon is a quintessential frame for me, and I've played him quite extensively. You're saying that Reckoning doesn't stun/ragdoll infested... seriously? You're serious?


Wow. No wonder people hate my husbando frame. ; ;


Also of note, Mag has to take time to cast her ult. The delay does not allow for immediate at-will disabling and can't be cast while in the air. Saryn's Miasma, I'll give you that. Deffo can reach similar levels to this, but I'm actually not 100% sure if it pulls enemies away from terminals IE: Interception. Maybe I should actually try that. o 3o


That all said, neither Mag nor Saryn can cleanse debuffs or enhance armor values for the team. I was $&*^ing around, and it seems that Hallowed Ground and Hallowed Reckoning's armor bolstering effects stack on top of each other.


Just for fun, and based on Sci_Ant's Chroma armor guide, it does seem possible to get an Ice Chroma up to about 150,000 to 200,000 effective health when he's standing in both Hallowed effects.


Something I've heard recently and haven't been able to verify is that apparently Renewal gives you a damage mitigation effect while your HP is in the process of regenerating. Now, I really do hope that's the case, because if you can get a Renewal functioning on a Chroma, the damage mitigation atop the fact his HP would constantly be refilling would make him literally invincible. o 3o

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