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Flying Items In Slow Motion (Suggestion Included)


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This happens a sometimes with me, you open the lockers and items come flying step by step in painful slow motion. I know this is caused by lag, which means we are waiting for the item to confirm it's position in space with the server.


I consider this a bug because there's an alternative:

 - deal with items physics locally on the client, and create a queue of items grabbed to be confirmed with the server.

 - we continue playing while a small list would be scrolling on some corner of the screen, confirming which item was actually received.

- If we reach of the extraction point and still have items on queue, just send the whole queue information and inform us when it's done so we can wait, if we're interested


TL, DR: Any chance we have asynchronous item looting?



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I agree with iamah.

Why is it so important to exactly know the location of an item?

The only thing needed by server and client is to know which item is dropped and if is is picked up by the player (because of hacks etc.).

But the local physic stuff like how is it falling onto the floor is totally useless for the server to know.

This whould be a nice performance boost for the client/server communication, too ^^

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