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Kunai So Much Better Than Despair Against Infested...


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Well, I'm a bit dissapointed.


I've tried the kunai after the release and was so glad to play with.


Here come a Stalker, kill him and drop the Despair bluprint, seams to be so cool...


But after craft it and replace my "old" kunai with it, was dissapointed where a kunai one shot each low infested i meet, despair isn't able to....

Nice for a weapon with a full upgrade hornet strike...


So, an advice, don't craft this despair, kunai are so much efficient against infested and the abilities of despair to go through ennemies doesn't work in most case....

The boost of damage isn't so significant against the versatility of kunai...


Why despair as fang got to be so underpowered against this awful dogs?? :(



(sorry for this dirty english)

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Ahh, I love sidegrade, the game is a lot more interesting.

So Despair has a weakness, after all.

This and the post made above him.

When I heard at first that Despair was SIMPLY better than Kunai, my heart dropped. I despise weapons that are outright better than a counterpart with a simple excuse that "it's harder to get." I'm incredibly elated to find out that there are checks and balances between the two.

As for the weakness against infested, I think the best answer to that is to have either Dread (which is one of the few, if not the only current primary that does 3x damage to infested) or a slashing melee weapon. I don't see much stealth needed when fighting infested in any case.

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The both got a native armor piercing.


Despair got the ability to go through ennemies (but don't really works)


So Despair only got a 55 base damage advantage (kunai 45), but -50% against light infested...


Just sad to have already put a catalyser on it and dump my kunai... My bad....


So I repeat the advice, stay with kunai, much more efficient in all case.

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