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No more Rubedo


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For the past 4 days I've been stuck on 19 Rubedo, since crafting a Warframe.

Noticed Morphics are dropping a hell of a lot more too. Before this week I had netted less than 5.

Just looked in my Foundry after around 20 missions in the Rubedo yeilding Planetiods, Earth and Pluto, I now have 61 Morphics and 19 Rubedo.


Some information would be much appreciated.

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I don't know what It could be. I hope its just something gone wrong on my end.

I'd rather not do a fresh re-install unless a Developer suggests one. However I have relogged and booted my system a number of times over the past 4 days, and still no Rudedo and tons of Morphics.

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Welp, It must have been something on my end. Just did three different missions within Pluto, two of which yielded Rubedo. I'm not seeing the amounts that other people are getting, but it's something, now sitting on 67.

Damned Sod's Law and all it stands for.

You can all consider this thread a waste of your time and I apologise.

I had tallied seventeen missions without Rubedo drops, only just now occured to me I was playing Solo (my logic being: All loot for myself and not keep other players waiting around for me to search everything) the same two missions. Not getting any Rubedo from breakable loot contains, but handfuls from Corpus Walkers and Loot Lockers.

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