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My Clan Just Scored A Latron Prime Receiver In A Generic Tier1 Void Run.


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You could say x4 pieces since it was the four of us.

I really feel bad, since I already have my latron prime since day 1 of U8. I wish I could give it to someone else in my clan if at all possible (Rebecca).

Hopefully, this may give a glimpse of hope to some of you out there; the RNG is very cruel, but sometimes it spits out a golden nugget.

Now, maybe I'll luck out to see a 3rd Sundering Strike mod before it's 2014...

Best Regards,

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Unholy Stalker!

I was going over my mods and I apparently got Sundering Strike in one of the last defences I played!

Either someone in DE is pulling a bad joke over my expense or hell has frozen over and took the RNG with it.

I'm stumped.


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