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Frost Prime Frame Bp - Which Tier?



I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm relieved that I can still grab up Frost Prime from the void after missing that Fusion Moa event. I had a question, though:


Which tier can I get the Frost Prime frame blueprint from? I'm heard mixed responses: from some that it's only tier 3, and from others that you can get it from any tier. Which is it? :o


I have all the other parts I need to build Frost Prime EXCEPT the original blueprint itself, so an answer would be highly appreciated. Thanks! :3

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Damn you i have ran t3 at least 20 times and have yet to get it i have all the parts but the frame BP. I read on a post somone got it from a t1 key but honestly i dont believe him i ran t1 at least 50 times and never saw any frost bp drop not even parts so either hes really damn lucky to get it on a t1 key or hes just lieing. But then agian i never had any luck getting it on t3 either  CURSE YOU RNG!!!!!

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