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Wait, Where Did The Floor Go?!?!


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Whilst doing a void mission it seems like volt is just too fast for some of the levels.


First time i fell through the floor was when i got stuck in the side of the rotating door, not sure if it was lag that sent me through the side or what, but i unfortunately was stuck in infinite fall.


Second time is when i fell through one of the golden gate(?) way. right before the speed room with the cyro floors, i clipped into the threshold and fell through. (the next time that happened i was able to jump out)


Thrid time wasn't me actually falling through, but when i used bounce and my comrade just fell through on the way down. (Xini, Eris)



Seem like with enough impact you can just make it right through the floor.


If i was on rhino it would make more sence, but i guess sending our loki through the floor was still enjoyable regardless.



Hopefully this could be fixed soon since it seems like its becoming more and more prominate.


As i was typing this up, a friend of mine used his jump attack with "Hate" on the War map (Mars) and went through the floor again. (Also, a lot of corpus mountain missions have those doors that open into the abyss of nothingness. Thankfully you just walk through to the otherside no problem, but it doesn't like like that at first glance. quite scary.)


Seems like its not map based, just anywhere, anytime.


Anyone else getting this issue a lot too?

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