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Reload Animations And Elemental Mods Effecting The Gun Models


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None existent :C

I understand some weapons are just... strange to make a reload animation for like Boltos (Can see one on the left of the forum's background) but I use the Gorgon all the time and my character doesn't even touch the magazine sticking out :p 

I remember the livestream questions mentioned it but I gotta say it here before we see any more "Solid model" looking weapons that look like they lack a future for proper gun animations. 

Most of us probably saw the Destiny footage and how it looked a lot like Warframe (if you ask me) and I think the animators need to step it up.
I'd love to see if they make new separated mags for reload animations, change them slightly with icons on the side or a slightly different shape or something showing that its shooting fiery death bullets or taser rounds.

I admittedly got a bit excited seeing the gun model change according to elemental modification in Destiny and I'd adore something similar for Warframe C:



PS: I can only imagine the developers getting a headache over how many ideas this forum poops out and how many they want to implement but presentation wise? I think the reload animations are something to work on before its officially launched because lets face it, when you look at it for even a second you notice all the guns are just one big hunk of solid model and the guns play a BIG role in the gameplay. 

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Excellent idea. But, such as the addition of the opposite gender of every warframe, I guess it represents a lot of work for what it adds to the game. So ... I guess we should not loose hope, the game is not officially released.
But good idea anyway.

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