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A Ui Bug That's Bugging Me.


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Me and my brother both play Warframe and we use a single unit to play. (not that it is a problem, is it?)

Anyway, this is what's bugging me.



He doesn't have a Frost and Exca Prime yet I can see this on his profile. (notice the unusual format?)
Also, when I am looking at my profile, I see a Rhino, Loki and Nyx in it but I don't have those warframes...

I don't know if anyone else that looks at my profile sees this but... I feel like I look like hacking when they do.

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The player stats list is extremely buggy still. Many weapons I use extensively only read as having 10 kills or so, and how the Sentinels' weapons are listed under the rifles/pistols you use, and even then the stats makes zero sense.


I do know that Excalibur (non-Prime) will show up with all zeroes because the game was confused when you were in the tutorial and they auto-gave you Excalibur for that, Had you not chosen him as your starter, of course.

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