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Ember Ready To Claim Suddenly Vanished From My Foundry


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Hey guys,


As the title says, today when I went into my Foundry to Claim my Ember Warframe I realized that it was no longer there and the only reason that I can see for this to happen is If I sold the Ember Blueprint (even tho it was already ready to claim). I don't get it, If you have the Warframe already built and ready to claim how come the Blueprint is still on your Inventory? It should be consumed once you start building the Warframe.


I'm wealthy enough to make it again but the downside is that it will take me some time to grind the Blueprints, the Materials and spend another 100k making a Warframe that I already had ready to claim :/


Can't you guys check the logs to see If what I said was the reason for the Warframe to vanish from my Foundry or something like that? This is a bit silly in all honesty.


PS: I have no way to prove that I had Ember ready to claim because I had no idea that something like this was gonna happen.

PS2: Apologize for my English :(


Best Regards,


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