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The Stalka (Stalker)


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 I've been wondering what is the best way to farm the Stalker ,i know (you) have to kill a boss for the stalker to hunt you because i've seen his text saying which boss i've killed recently. I also know that speed running things won't help the stalker show up because he shows up late so is defense the way to go?




my schedule (kill Captain Vor)-> (tier 3 defense)x repeat/ 


any suggestions?

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I do this


Kill Sargus

Kill Golem

Go do any mission (most of the time Venus)


I get him around 4-7 daily, have got him 9 times in a day - once (ofc if i play too much)


 Same here i play alot to guess i got to follow your schedule then, also did you get any drops?

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