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For the most part, we've been able to figure out the broad strokes for ourselves. But, we've done so through a *lot* of frustrating trial and error, and heavy reliance on the Wiki which is a third party effort and notorious for inconsistencies and inaccuracies. All of the in game tooltips basically come down to 'This weapon/Frame is great. Try it, you'll like it'. WE just don't have the information we need to make choices in this game.


I leveled a Braton nearly to 30 with +crit chance before I figured out that the Braton's base crit was so low it essentially made that choice a waste of a slot.


How is the Accuracy stat measured? My Braton can drive tacks a mile away with an Acc of 28.6, while my Gorgon, with an Acc of 8.3, is best when aimed at the broad side of a barn. From the inside. Does that mean that the Vulkar, a sniper rifle with an Acc of 13.3 is only half as likely to hit a target as the Braton?


Does the armour penetration of bolt weapons mean I don't have to put AP mods on them to fight the Grineer?


Is the Charge damage of a melee weapon a percentage of the base damage? How is the AOE damage calculated? WIll a mod increasing base damage have an effect on the other two?


What *is* the crit chance of XYZ weapon, should I invest in increasing it?


Just How hard *is* it to land a head shot with the Kraken?


I heard that Gorgon was dead accurate until it spins up, is that true?


Are Saryn's poison attacks useless against the Corpus? The Infested?


How *much* range to I gain by leveling Radial Disarm?


Does the Secondary Item XP i get from Login Rewards go on the currently equipped weapon, or the least leveled? Or is it applied to *all* secondary weapons?


Do Affinity Spheres add XP to my weapons?


Does 'Heavy Infestation ahead' mean there is a heavy Infested unit, or just a whole bunch of regular Infested ahead?


Like I said, most of us figure these things out eventually, but through trialing and erroring. It's really frustrating to figure out that Volt can't fight the Infested by failing that Alert mission which was rewarding the Helmet you've been trying to get for a month. Or that the rifle you just spent a not inconsiderable amount of credits and materials building doesn't work the way the wiki said it would. Or that the Mod you've been working so hard to level for the last month has been adding nothing to the weapon you've been using it on.


This is a great game with a fairly high degree of customization, but people who learn the hard way that bit of gear they invested in doesn't do what they thought it would get pretty gun shy when it comes to trying another bit of gear. And that just leads to fewer cash shop transactions, and less player interest in playing.

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yup. i have to agree, for the first 30 hours i would say, i was not aware of most things, and even right now at about 150 i still dont know everything... 80% maybe, just yesterday did i find that mods with the same mark give 2x more than those with different marks (i knew it was extra but not that much) and also!! if you fuse like speed trigger with speed trigger you get an even bigger boost.... stuff like this should have been presented to me at the start.. i feel stupid now...

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Agreed only whith that alot of ingame description on items(mods, weapons and etc) is absolutely wrong and that is rly annoying. What about crit chance and other unknow stats  i like to discover this things by myself.

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