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Various New Infested Weapon Ideas


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Recently, I've been feeling a lack of truly different weaponry, and a severe lack Infested themed weaponry.


We really have jack-squat from the Infested side of things, literally one of each weapon type, if you even count the research weaponry.


As such, I've decided to contribute a few ideas for more infested weapons.


And without further ado:



Formerly a rifle of some form, the Infested flesh has coalesced on it in such a way to form a projectile weapon, similar to a repeating crossbow. and capable of firing standard armor-ignoring bolts.

  • Stats:
  • Damage: 31
  • Clip Size: 10
  • Fire Rate: 3.7
  • Reload Speed: 2.8s
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Critical Chance: 5%
  • Critical Damage: 200%
  • Fires armor piercing bolts.
  • Rifle Ammo


(Mostly going for a Latron-type weapon, with the armor-ignoring properties and bolts of a Boltor.)

[Think of a standard bolt-action rifle, but with the barrel ripped in half, and a very obviously infested crossbow string going across the top of the gun, with various parts, comprised of both flesh and metal, obviously warped to facilitate the Consumption's use as a crossbow.]



The skana of a fallen Tenno from the distant past, now claimed by the technocyte plague. The blade occasionally releases "flies" which are drawn to the scent of uninfested flesh.

  • Stats:
  • Damage: 15
  • Fire Rate: 1.2
  • Charge Speed: 1.5s
  • Charge Damage: 40
  • Critical Chance: N/A
  • Critical Damage: N/A
  • Flies increase attack damage by adding armor-ignoring poison damage per melee kill, 10% of current damage.
  • Damage boost reset every mission and/or death.


(Basically a weapon that builds up momentum, and allows for insane damage power, if you can get those starting kills.)

[A standard skana, possibly a bit rusted, now coated hilt upwards in various technocyte tumors and barnacles, with the occasional puff of the aforementioned "flies".]



[Credit to: CaveCricket48 & inthephonebox] An infested whip, crudely made from dismembered infested limbs. Thanks to the materials of its construction, it is capable of obtaining energy from an unknown source.


  • Stats:
  • Damage: 10
  • Damage Type: Ice
  • Fire Rate: 1.2
  • Charge Speed: 1.8s
  • Charge Damage: 40
  • 10% Crit Rate
  • 100% Crit Damage
  • Returns 10% of the damage dealt upon a crit, rounded down, as energy.
  • Reasonable range.
  • Very high stun/stagger chance.




(Basically a bundle of ancient arms, with an disruptor arm in the mix, allowing you to drain energy.)

[Picture a cluster of ancient arms, crudely bundled with some now overgrown chain, with the main mass of the weapon showing signs of merging together, with a metal rod implanted at one end to serve as a handle to the fetid mass.]




This is all I've got for now. Unfortunately, I've no artistic talent, else I'd provide some images.


Please provide feedback on the weapon ideas, improvements, changes, criticisms, etc.

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The Wiill O'WISP I like that just the 10% of current damage is OP, maybe like 0.1% Increase per melee kill.

Since in defence you easily reach 100 kills

100 kills with 10&% = 1000%

100 kills with 0.1%= 10%


Indeed a point you have there. The mechanic is the main idea though, and that number was more a place holder while I fine tune it.

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I agree that there should definitely be more infested weapons, if not these ones exactly. Always loved to feel of Mire, and I'm currently aiming towards getting the other dojo infested weapons. Hope this gets more attention and spurs the development of more infested weapons, both melee and ranged.



As the occasional Tenno fell more and more repeatedly to the Stalker, they began to learn new ways of defeating him. One of these ways, was to taunt him to getting himself trapped in a pit of flesh-eating infested. Beginning to realize that he needed a new way of defeating the crafty Tenno, he decided to infuse the essence of the technocyte plague into his infamous weapon, Hate. It grew in power and in utility, and became a weapon of death that the Tenno could either hide from, or conquer.


  • Damage: 50
  • Fire Rate: 1.5
  • Charge Speed: 2.0s
  • Charge Damage: 150
  • Critical Chance: 10%
  • Critical Damage: 175%


  • Special: Having been infused with the technocyte plague, the Harvester deals 20% of base damage as poison damage. On a charge attack, the Harvester lives up to it's name, dealing 150 damage and stealing 10 hit points and 5 energy from the target.


We want more infested weapons!

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