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What Mods To Put On Dual Cleavers?



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Just got some Dual Cleavers, wondering how to mod it.

I'd say Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Crit Damage for starters. Based on the wiki, the dual cleavers have a 20% chance to crit and can get red crits, which are very, very strong hits. Armor Piercing and elemental mods are always nice as well.

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I'd say just stick with firerate, and both crit modifiers, as well as AP. Don't worry about any other mods, just those. So fury, true steel, organ shatter, and sundering strike. If you don't potato them cleavers, these will be perfect. And if you do, just slap on extra mods.


Always try to amplify what your weapon does best. For example, if you are using the Fang, bump up it's firerate to the max, then add on more damage. If it's something like the Gram, faster firerate, charge rate, and then damage will be very helpful.

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