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A Very Odd Extermination "bug"


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I'm not sure if this counts as a bug or not, but I'm quite certain this is not how the game is supposed to work and I figured I should bring it up...


I started playing Caloris on Mercury just for a quick solo run. Only 45 enemies; nothing difficult in the slightest. Lotus didn't say anything and the objective marker seemed off, which was a little weird. I just started playing as normal, except when after passing through the third room, I noticed nothing had spawned yet. After about a dozen rooms, I stopped looting entirely since nothing had spawned yet. The level was completely barren of enemies. I rushed towards the extraction to happily find a few enemies in the very last room.


Then Lotus brought up the mission instructions, and what did I find behind me? The rest of the enemies. ALL 45 had spawned in the final room of the level!


The mission ended successfully and I got all of my rewards, but... I don't think that's how it's intended to happen...

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