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What Do You Want Tenno?


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We have so much broken content and all players can think about is add new warframes, new weapons, new enemies and new locations. Yeah, why not. I mean why balance/fix/improve what we already have.


This is the problem with Warframe, too much new stuff that buries the already broken stuff we have.


I guess if I had to pick I'd chose new features, fix the current features that we have, then add new features or stuff that we are missing since the start of the game.


Stop adding new warframes/weapons/enemies/location when we don't even have a proper end game or a story, or a fun alternative to the grind.


Change the UI, add new interesting game modes, add random events to already existing missions, give us a story, gives us the option to take different paths with different consequences, balance the current content, give us stuff to do other than grinding (their idea about user created levels is one GREAT example), real difficulty (don't just increase the numbers), a reason to be part of a clan (research is just a lazy one), more customization (for plat or whatever you feel like).

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