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So I've Just Got A 50% Plat Discount Coupon...



Are they fixed and working properly? (i heard someone still pay'd full price even if he had a coupon)


And... afaik they work only on plat purchuase, no founder, am i right?


Btw that 48hrs countdown sucks, i'll probably waste my coupon because of it -.-

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tbh i dont wanna spend it lol... i've bought the founder and i think it's more than enough... altought it's a shame to waste it... i dunno...


Submit a ticket and ask if it is transferable. If so, I'll take it. =]


I just obtain a 20% coupon today. Still deciding if I really, really want the thunderbolt mod or not. For 39.99 to get that & 1000 plat is not bad... yet not as awesome as a 50% discount would be. :-]

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