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[Mission] Ayatan sculptures mission - impossible to complete due to door glitch


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I spent over 2 hours on the mission, and there was no way to get out except aborting. The glitch happens right after you get the message from the woman on the Bazaar indicating a lot of enemies up ahead: After I stepped on the "switch", the door started to open, a few enemies got through, but then the door closed and wouldn't re-open no matter what I tried. I was able to kill enemies who were pushing up against the other side of the door - who I could hear but couldn't see - which indicates even further this door was not supposed remain closed. I could see the other section on the map, but the door was stuck.

Moreover, I couldn't just go to extraction and leave. I was fine leaving without the sculptures if I could keep the ton of other stuff I worked for, but I lost about 2 hours worth of mods, resources, etc.

I'm pretty bummed about wasting all that time considering the amount of materials I received. I hope no one else wastes their time like I did.

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