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Issues with Limbo Mk.II


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This is (9 months later), another recap of the problems, and new ones that have arisen.

A new one, and a big one: Entering / Exiting 'Transference' shuts off ALL Limbo's  powers, including Banished Targets and Cataclysm (both of which should be 'independent powers').


Things in the Rift aren't meant to be able interact with consoles, enemies put in the void are often able to. This is not only inconsistent, it means you don't always know how it will behave. Also, being we can interact with some consoles (such as doors) in the Void, but not hack-able ones, even though we used to be able to, as well as the fact that Valkyr is completely invincible, and can still interact with consoles, I'm not sure why we aren't able to anyway.


Even though it's supposedly been stated to be fixed (even 9 months ago), it's often been inconsistent if things will hurt Limbo / Allies in the rift.

Currently, most fire based elemental damage will penetrate the Rift Barrier, and sometimes other elemental will damages will too most commonly Toxin, but sometimes magnetic / electric / radiation, even when alone using Rift Walk (no cataclysm, no banished targets).

MOST physical damage won't, but I have taken random Slash Procs when alone in the Rift.


Entering a 'death state' (fade out and 'respawn' on surface) shuts off ALL Limbo's powers, including Cataclysm (that previously WAS a separate entity').

A Nullifier touching Limbo shuts off all powers, including Cataclysm and Banished targets, even though both should be 'separate entities'.

A Nullifier touching the Cataclysm Bubble will shut off the Cataclysm Bubble, but coming into contact with a Banished Target will not shut off their banishment.

This is, yet again inconsistent - Cataclysm and Banished Targets should be independent of Limbo and not nullified by contact of Limbo with a Nullifier.


I've also noticed sometimes, Rift Walk will randomly be shut off, even with 30-40 seconds left on the clock.


Ultimately, this results in both a LOT of inconsistencies with how Limbo operates, how his powers and the frame interact with the environment, being sometimes you don't know how it'll behave mission to mission, and each patch can bring strange new bugs, and in regards to other Warframes, such as Frost, whose Bubbles are not shut off / removed by 'death states', Frost coming into contact with a Nullifier (only the Nullifier coming into contact with the Bubble), and entering 'Transference', or other 'Independent Power' frames that leave either permanent or duration based placed powers.

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Came here to report the bug DarkOvion mentioned. It seems to be most prevalent when jumping in and out of transference. This is a royal pain when trying to collect Kuva. I've got some screenshots, but I'm not sure how to upload them. The "other media" button doesn't seem to like google photos.

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