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  1. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
  2. And regardless of 'what should and shouldn't be, this is straight up just... a bug, that was missed, of something that really, explicitly should be a Weapon Exilus Mod. That's not even been acknowledged.
  3. As per the title. The Weapon Exilus slot was introduced over 3 months ago. Every other zoom adjusting mod is an Exilus mod. This seems like one of the easiest things possible to fix, but it's neither been fixed, nor acknowledged at all yet.
  4. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
  5. Fighters armour halved. (Good). Fighters health increased 50% (???) Battle Avionics now on more things drop tables. (Good?) Markers now show Avionic and Salvage drops. (Good.) Doubled asterite drops. (Good, but not even close to enough honestly. Even with a booster, overall resource requirements for a single weapon is pretty bad.) Squad overlay always there now, added 'squad location' marker to overlay. Minimap always visible. (#*!%in finally) Can no longer gain intrinsics if 10/10/10/10. (#*!%ing why. Can't be ready for your next goddamn thing, why would you.) Increased chance of Wreckage as EOM reward, lowered chance of relics. (K) Rush Repair Drones removed from the market. Ability to rush repairing items for plat added. (Doesn't fix anything, doubles down on ignoring everything but the best) Stopped AW using normal weapons. (with the 95% DR of Archguns, honestly, using normal weapons was a major saving grace. I get it's a bug, but fix the absurd damage reduction, and it wouldn't have been needed to use honestly.) - Assorted minor fixes. Weapons: Particle nerf, incendiary buff, pulsar buff, photor nerf, cryophon nerf. (Explicitly changed so it does about the same damage overall as before the armour reduction xD) Zetki is now double heat instead of 4x. (Good. Brings it in line.) Stopped warframe buffs affecting Railjack. (Why, the systems already divorced from everything else enough) Overall, the system still needs a LOT of work, and some of this make things worse. As is, it remains that 90%+ of it is a system where it actively punishes you for doing anything other than just going and getting MkIII items. With weapons, that means grabbing Sigma MkIIIs, then ignoring anything that drops less than average RNG stats, until you get something worth building. With Components, it's getting Sigma Mk IIIs, that are better than 70-80% or more of all Mk III items anyway, and so you just... wait for the very rare instances of something better overall. And everything else is just scrap, because there's no reason or incentive to bother, and each item takes a significant investment of time to get the parts for. I hope the future sees these things fixed.
  6. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
  7. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
  8. Why is it sad though? The cap was at $50,000, which was 200,000 gifts. So that last 29,912~ gifts was just pure profit for DE. Throw in DE didn't even really announce it, didn't draw attention to it, had no event, had the lowest amount they've announced for tennobaum yet, and it's fairly obvious about how little it was vs how much they'd get, it didn't really incentivise people to bother. Hell, a lot of people donated directly to either the food bank, or other local charities instead of buy plat - and every $10 donated directly, is the equivalent of 40 gifts given. (Which if spent in game with gifts, would only be $0.75 to $2 donated anyway) It's not a poor show from the Tenno.
  9. It'd be real nice if you did it by the value of what has been traded. Or even just the profit of what was traded. Or even an actual percentage of the value traded. That 230k gifts has netted you at least $300-500k, and frankly, closer to a million bucks in plat spent in the market. With less fanfare than ever before. To give 50k. And is what.. a quarter of what was given last year? It's great that the charity gets help... but the way its presented still screams 'make a ton of money off the goodwill of your players'.
  10. So if you did the thing, and didn't get them (as is common with twitch drops), do we have any options now, or still just SOL?
  11. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
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