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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. OK, but why It wasn't complex anyway. It also gave variety and options. It also allowed you to use cheaper avionics and make use of the limited capacity we get. We already can't use everything we'd like, even with the 100% best reactor you can get. Which means you have to use the slightly not as good version that's cheaper. That's not only cheaper, but is cheaper that the unranked 'top' version. This removes choice, removes options, removes versatility and dumbs down an already painfully simple system.
  3. The problem i have, is this 'game mode' does continue to not feel good. Had it not: - broken, resulting in a ludicrously long loadtime that ultimately dumped us back in the relay, and cost us ~2+ murex in - stopped actually transmitting kill codes for a bit it wouldn't have ended at 97 and it doesn't feel good to lose out on +10k points and 'fail' yet again, and get shafted on the reward for so little, that's pretty hard out of your control Please, make the bonus: Total Score (Space + Ground) of window x (2x% of Murex), max 10,000. So in this situation, we'd have got the +10,000 (total score x 1.94) and our time is still rewarded and it's performance based rather than all or nothing.
  4. With the increase to base points, the equation says it caps at 3,672, and in-game rewards support this. If you could clarify this, or fix it in game that'd be great.
  5. When are the extra Arcanes being added? There's clearly been no exploits and its been a week already. All the issues with the 100/100 system. Simple fix for you - End of Flotilla bonus = (2x% complete) So if you get 99 murex instead of 0 bonus, you get 1.98x instead. Or if there's 80 murex gone, you get 1.6x. This at least makes your time more worthwhile and you don't get screwed over for taking ages to get very little.
  6. The fact the bonus per window is optional is crazy to me. With it, the hourly income is... probably OK, without it, it's horrible.
  7. Hawk Eye is still not an Exilus mod.
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