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  1. Why can't there be a script? If the infested K-Drive races are even the right ones for the day, for the parts... they're often frustratingly buggy with markers not registering. Huge shame that Deconstructor can't use those mods too. Even if no exploding, it's not like they hurt anything being on there (and gave the option to remove punch through if wanted)
  2. Read what I said. They have spent 7 years, advertising in a certain way "this will be available in game X" and such. They used the same advertising as they have for years, they didn't implicitly say it was for plat, but never have - however, when something hasn't been sold for plat it has been mentioned as in a pack. Then they changed the sale method at release. It is explicitly how they advertised it, that was "business as usual". And yes, it's on me for buying the plat, because I wanted the things they said would be released in game, the same as things have been for
  3. Being I have work in the week, and that it said that bugs had been fixed, I rushed my necramechs build so I could use it this week. I attempted to farm affinity + toroids in the vallis. After almost 90 minutes, having hit around max level I left through the gate and it reset all my affinity and I gained no resource at all, losing out on 25-30 toroids on top. I know I'm not getting those back, but it'd be nice if this bug could be fixed.
  4. The point is - they advertised it in the exact same way as every other release. In no prior tennocon, update, or other release have basically all the cosmetics advertised been released in an external cash package. We've had Prime extras, and a few small packs with one or two things in sure, but otherwise it's all been in-game for plat, and the stuff that wasn't was explicitly mentioned as such. It was advertised in that same manner - that these items would be for sale in game with deimos. It wasn't until release they went "oh, by the way, it's now in the cash shop on the website".
  5. Yeah, this is a rather silly thing to say. You tout "free to play" as an excuse but all traded plat has to have been bought with cash. People are only asking to be able to use the money they already paid for. I don't want to buy it for cash after having bought plat explicitly to get them in game beforehand and I was ready to sink 3-4k+ plat on this update. Instead, on top of that cash they want more cash using duplicitous advertising.
  6. Yup. I wanted 6-8 of the drone (4+ for my orbiter, a bunch for my dojo), then the weapon skins. In recognition of DE doing something good for a change, in prep for the release, I bought the top plat bundle. The weapon skins I wanted are now locked behind a further £40 cash purchase, that was not announced publically till release, and soft-announced a day or so before on the forums otherwise. I know I'm not the only person in the same situation. It's frankly a bait and switch, and I'm now stuck with the choice of rewarding this duplicitious business practice AND being l
  7. would be really good if DE could tell us
  8. Can anyone confirm if the items in the Deimos supporter pack are entirely exclusive to it and won't be available elsewhere at all? I wanted 6 drones, and a bunch of other things, that I bought plat for due to the dangled items and being moderately excited about what deimos would be for the first time in a long time, and it now appears it's going to be a limited time, limited quantity external cash shop with almost no plat-purchase items in the update. And I'm certainly not going to give more money if it's a bait and switch like that....
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