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  1. Congrats, you played it for 9 hours straight to get those. Not everyone wants to, and very few will find doing the same thing in 5 minute blocks over, and over, and over for 9 hours fun.
  2. Some are clear sure. But not all are even remotely clear, and some are just confusing. For example, from the last two waves: That thriving OP Baza meta. The clearly too much Stradavar. Twice Vulkar? I don't recall the Akjagara lighting many fires. Twice The Lato? Twin Gremlins?
  3. At 1.5/2/2.5% drop chance, that's going to be a few hundred hours (300+) of Arbitration. Then you'll just need 140 forma and 350 nitain. It's very not worth it.
  4. So each Archgun Riven is over 4 hours of mindless grind What?
  5. Yeah, this is nothing new. Twitch drops are continuously and horribly buggy, and it's never resolved - and all you get after is 'oh well, nothing we can do'.
  6. well nuts xD thanks for looking though. Something to increase/decrease overall speed even +/- 10-20% would be nice. Though yes you have done a superb job at making the thing work for you, and everyone else.
  7. edited because the forums decided to double post
  8. I would like to make a request of the Boston Legal theme: Also, if there's time / doable: Carol of the Bells Frasier Theme
  9. I mean, all the math I ran is going to be pretty much as-is - infact, it's probably a larger gap tbh, being I lowballed the numbers pretty good. As a business, everything they do publically, is public relations. The amount given, is the equivalent of you or I giving £10-20. But only if someone else gives us £20-50 first. It's good they are giving to charity. But it's still PR, and the math still applies.
  10. I'm not whining. I'm simply stating what it is.
  11. It could also be that it's a work week? That DE has made this Tennobaum what.. 1/2 to 1/3 the time period it usually is? And because it's counting gifts sent not plat spent, they're donating between 1/3 and 1/2 the money they got from tennobaum spending if it stays at the 75k mark. If we do hit the top goal, it's 25-40%. Meaning if people give them enough money, they make 120k, and they donate 0.000625% of their income, 1/1600th to the charity. It is 100% a PR stunt, otherwise they wouldn't do it. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing persay. But it is PR. And a tidy bonus for end of year for them.
  12. Those are some awfully minor fixes considering all the issues there are atm. Such as Kubrow fur. Such as certain skins. Such as certain bugs and problems, plus hundreds of other things that are ongoing for months...
  13. K-Drive bits are in the wrong place. This is really dsitracting:
  14. I mean, if they ran actual time management and scheduling they wouldn't need to either. What they should be doing, is make the patch, verify it works, test it for a day or two then it's ready. That's the point they should be announcing the release date, put it in the pipeline and be ready to go. Not this 'working on it till the minute of release and basically only verify it compliles' insanity. Then they can have actual release times, rather than delays, and can have more stable, more complete releases.
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