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Riven Mod lock "Find (x) Rare Medallions" is not counting any medallions.


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I have a Rifle Riven Mod with the current lock: "Find 4 Rare Syndicate medallions"

At first I was told any medallion should increment the counter. However that didn't seem to be the case.

Then after 8 Syndicate missions I finally found a rare medallion, a General Insignia. However that didn't increment the counter.

I can't say if it doesn't work for other Rare Syndicate medallions, mostly because I can't be arsed to anymore of these excruciatingly long, RNG-fest rotten-egg hunts. 


Just had to equip the mod.

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OMG. I am out of polite words right now.

This is literally one of the most idiotic things I have encountered in this game.

All that tedious grind for purely RNG based rare medallions was futile after all???!!! I actually have to have the mod equipped to make any progress? How am I supposed to know??  And I should just put it on a random unrelated weapon, although the mod is weapon specific?


Thank you DE for sucking last bits of affection for this game out of me. I am finally spent.



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