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Uranus Junction's "5 Melee Only Missions" Requirement


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While playing to unlock some Junctions, I had to do this one, which is pretty easy... unless you have a bug ^^'
So I was trying to do some Exterminations in Melee Only Equiped, but the thing is I Spawned in Submersible mode underwater (everything until here is okay), then I saw that I had my Sibear in hand.. So I try to switch weapon to see if it just goes away, doesn't work.. Then I try to get out of water, I can't.. I was able to melee attack with it, and the animations are like if I was on ground.. So I waited the host to finish the mission, then I go try to do the mission again, and AGAIN the bug appears ! But this time I wasn't alone, another player came just after me and had the same bug ! Then we try to get out of water (because the host just Quit the mission, because we asked him to, to see if it was going to help, of course it didn't..) and we were able to get out correctly this time, but then, when we were finally on the ground, we saw we had the Melee arch-weapon in our body, and the main Arch-weapon in hand, and fully working, we shot Grineers with it, and when we used the Melee weapon, the animations and sound are like if we were underwater...

So yeah, the bug is a bit funny ^^, because we were attacking Grineers like Freakin' Terminators, but the thing is I couldn't play a whole mission before because of that, and a friend played a mission like that with the same bug =/

I added 3 Screenshots that I was able to gather Underwater, and 2 with the other guy that had the bug too (I'm was Atlas, and he was the Frost)





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