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Dakka Grakata is Recruiting


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Clan Name: Dakka Grakata

To have a good time with some older guys putting alot of rounds into enemy faces like certain orc tribes do.

How to Join: 
1. Reply with your in game name here and we'll try to get ahold of you in game

2. Give us a shout in game; Warlords are:  Bunkerbomber, _Insidious_

3. Come check us out in our Discord channel and apply there!

4. We will have discussion and see if you'll be a good fit.


Age: 18+

Casual and confident

Like high volume, air cooled, round spewing weaponry(In moderation ofc)

Headset and Discord VOIP : https://discordapp.com/download


Props to FrostLlamzon for this art skill!  Check more out here:  http://frostllamzon.deviantart.com/


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