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Mastery 20 Test spawns you partially in the ground.


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3 minutes ago, NativeKiller said:

I guess this isn't as well known as it should be since most people just pop in energy restores and spam Blink with Itzal.


Or maybe this is an isolated incident.


Either way, it sucks especially since MR tests require 24 hours to retry when failed.

You can practice them in any relay beforehand (except Maroo) afaik.

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2 minutes ago, NativeKiller said:

I know, I always practice each MR test, until I can manage to pass 3 times in a row.


But, you know, that ain't gonna help you if you get bugged, glitched during the real test. :3

Very true, very true. Not having encountered the bug myself, the only advice I can give to the OP is to press space as soon as it starts.

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9 minutes ago, ZimaZang said:

I did manage to complete it a few times in practice, but it took me a bit to get unstuck on the actual test and ended up failing. :(


Might try the energy restore thing though.

As soon as the mission starts, use a hotkey to pop in energy restores.


Then spam blink as Itzal.


Test complete, GGHF.

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Having the same problem. And the way one is stuck varies slightly. After failing twice on the rank-up, i practiced a couple of times with izual/blink and managed to finish almost every time, but on my actual test i got stuck so far inside the floor that i glitched through to the other side. So even Itzual doesn't work every time.
So, my 3rd failed attempt..
Hope they can fix this soon!

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