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Ability To Transfer Host Migration


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I believe it would be in every player's best interest to add a function where the host is able to "pass" their host status to another player without leaving the game. That or a vote function to migrate the host, and to whom.

Though it should be mentioned that if this were to be implemented, breakable objects are currently "restored" upon a host migration, leading to extra chances to break the same object for loot.

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Cannot do second part since that would basically be multiplying the amount of resources on any mission by four.


They way it currently works, if there is a host migration the breakable objects are restored and all items that people picked up from the containers are gone as well as they were never saved on the server.


What they really need is a smarter way to pick the host in the first place.  Simple enough to write code and see which person is using dual core versus quad core CPUs and how many threads and decide from there.

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