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when is the best time to sell valted parts?



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Right now. I need them. All of them. Give them to me!

Practically speaking, set yourself an expectation of how much you want to make on each set or part and sell them whenever you can get a deal that meets or exceeds that expectation. I'm not sure what the unvaulting interval is, but if you really want to make plat, you'll probably want to wait at least six months (a year if you are patient) after the initial vaulting before selling them so the early sellers are out of the market and you have newer players who weren't around to farm them when they were still on the drop tables. I would be wary of holding on to any set much past that, since you can never be sure that DE won't make an exception to their usual schedule and bring your Loki Prime set out of the vault much earlier than you expected.

You might also want to hold on to one or two copies of each vaulted set in case you want to do a favor for friends or clan members who get into the game after those items were vaulted. It never hurts to make our community a little nicer!

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