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Titania Razorflies + Nezha Warding Halo


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So my friends and I were doing the Sorties on Nov. 16, the last mission defense with Bows Only. We decided to play around with the team composition and ended up with this particular combo consisting of Razorwing Titania + Strength/Armor Build Warding Halo Nezha. I briefly looked around the internet about this and saw that being able to Ward the Razorflies isn't anything new but looks like if the Warding Halo from Nezha is tough enough, it'll actually cause the Razorflies to not despawn. 

I'm no scientist on how it works but I assume how despawning the Razorflies work is by dealing it's supposed total HP to despawn them? But with a Strong enough Warding Halo, the damage that was supposed to be taken to the Razorflies just scratches the Ward instead, meaning if you keep recasting Razorwing to spawn more Flies and the Nezha Wards them before recasting, they'll stack if I am correct. 

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