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[WTS] RIVEN MODS - Liquidation.


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I'm officially done with Riven Mods.
It isn't rewarding at all, not worth all the effort and hours I put into, I just end up a lot more stressed out.
So I figured, I'll just ditch this aspect of the game. This isn't a "I'm quitting Warframe" thread.

Anyways, I've got these mods and would very much like to just turn them into plat instead and buy me cosmetics that actually makes me happy.



Post/PM me your offers. 
I'm also accepting trades. I'm still in need of the following/ sets:

  • Nikana Prime
  • Spira Prime
  • A Chesa Kubrow
  • Telos Boltace 
  • Synoid Heliocor
  • Synoid Simulor
  • Vaykor Sydon
  • Rakta Dark Dagger
  • Sancti Magistar
  • Xiphos Parts (not including BP).
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