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WTS SETS: Mag Prime ,Dakra Prime ,Trinity Prime and some more


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  • Warframes:

    • Mag Prime x1

    • Ash Prime x1

    • Volt Prime x1

    • Trinity Prime x1

  • Weapons:

    • Paris Prime x1

    • Lex Prime x1

    • Burston Prime x1

    • Dakra Prime x1

    • Hikous Prime x1

    • Sindo Prime x2

    • Soma Prime x1

    • Vectis Prime x1

    • Vasto Prime x1

  • Other:

    • Odonata Prime x1

    • Mantis Landing Craft x1

    • Lotus Huras Kubrow x1 (Medium, not-bulky-not-anorexic)


Other vaulted stuff:

  • Rhino Prime chassis x1

  • Rhino Prime systems x2

  • Loki Prime Blueprint x1

  • Ember Prime Chassis x2

  • Ember Prime Neuroptics x1

  • Wyrm Prime carapace x1

  • Wyrm Prime systems x1

  • Latron Prime receiver x1

  • Latron Prime stock x1

  • Glaive Prime blade x1


Non-vaulted Prime Stuff:

  • Nikana Prime blueprint x1

  • Nikana Prime Blade x1

  • Galatine Prime Handle x1



  • Scimitar Avionics x1

  • Scimitat Fuselage x1


  • Primed:

    • Primed Point Blank x1(unranked)

    • Primed Flow x1(unranked)

    • Primed Continuity x1(unranked)
    • Primed Cryo Rounds x1(unranked)
  • Other:

    • Quick Thinking x7

    • Blood Rush x2(unranked)

    • Rage x7

    • Transient Fortitude x2

    • Gleaming Talon(glaive stance) x1

    • Stalking Fan x1

    • Vulpine mask x2

    • Concealed Explosives x1

    • Gaia's Tragedy x3

    • High Voltage x3

    • Jolt x1

    • Voltaic Strike x1


#I will update this list , maybe add prices

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