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Prodah Nahkriin (Foretell Vengeance)(Storm Clan)(41 Members)(Founder: Grimm Gallows)(Co-leaders: CO2 Canibal, xKore Khaos)

(XBOX)Nidzos Sahvoz

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Yes our clan is small, but that is is a good thing. We are very lenient, we are very social to young adults, and comparing to a moon clan, where you would be quickly be kicked from for ridiculous reasons, or not being on Warframe for a certain amount of time, we don't kick our members. It doesn't matter to us how much you play Warframe you would always be one of us. We have a custom ranking system. The name of the ranks are Roman.

1. General(Exclusive)- @Grimm Gallows, Barkeep Brutus(inactive)

2. Legate(Exclusive)- @CO2 Canibal, @xKore Khaos

3. Praetorian

4. Centurion

5. Decanus


We have challenges that reward these non-exclusive ranks. 4 in total.

Contact @Grimm Gallows, and @CO2 Canibal through Xbox Live if you want to join up. PLEASE contact us through Xbox Live. You can reply here. But we rarely go though the forums, so there might be a chance we might not notice it. If you do wish to reply here, please insert you Xbox Live Gamertag and I will contact you through Xbox Live.

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