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Looking for a smaller clan


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What's up everybody? I'm looking to join a small clan that plans on staying on the smaller side. Ideally I just started playing this game again after a year or so away and I'm still trying to feel out the changes.

Look man, I'm in my 30's so my tolerance for b.s. is at an all time low. I play casually and I have a life outside of games, a pathetic one but one none the less. So it's not uncommon for me to not play for a couple days or even just an hour or so here and there. Bottom line I'm looking for cool, casual players who can help me run through the quests and don't mind teaching me about all the stuff I am unfamiliar with. But more importantly just people who like to hangout while cutting our way through bodies.

send me an in game or psn friend request if I sound like a dude you and your crew would be willing to help out.


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